BetterBare In The Media
Author: Olivia Kaplan | 06/07/2020

BetterBare In The Media

It looks like BetterBare has caught the attention of some friends in the media, which to us is no surprise (we know BetterBare actually works, we designed it that way!). 

But we thought you might like to see some of the hype around the web. 

Gritty Pretty

According to Gritty Pretty's Erin Cook, SleepyBare is a "game changer" for those that struggle to drift off, and it received a solid 9/10 rating. 

"I have been taking SleepyBare Gummies religiously for over a month now and hand on heart, I can honestly say I have had a bad night of rest since. As they’re kind of like a gummy bear (if you close you close your eyes and use your imagination) I look forward to taking them each evening. Because I actually enjoy eating them, this is the most consistent I’ve ever been with a sleep supplement."

Read the full review here.



But the SleepyBare praise doesn't stop there. SleepyBare featured in Grazia's list of the Best Overnight Beauty Treatments

"All of which are designed to make one more beautiful while they snooze. Call it multi-tasking, call it beauty sleep, call it pure genius. Whatever it is, we’re here for it."

Read the full list here. 


The Daily Mail 

The Daily Mail also recently featured some of our amazing customers (#girlgang) in a recent article, claiming that SleepyBare "can help you fall asleep and wake up brighter in the morning - and customers are raving."

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