Recipe: Immuni-Tea
Author: Olivia Kaplan | 07/05/2020

Recipe: Immuni-Tea

Self care isn’t always extravagant baths and spa treatments, sometimes it’s just sitting down for 5 minutes to enjoy a cup of fresh tea (maybe with a side of supplemented gummies). A simple moment to do something for yourself. 

This is the tea that our nutritionist Liv Kaplan swears by when she feels a throat tickly coming along. The mint is soothing, the lemon offers a little burst of freshness and vitamin C and the Manuka honey is not only anti-bacterial but also soothing on the throat.



¼ lemon, sliced 

2 tablespoons mint leaves 

2 slices ginger, fresh

2 teaspoons Manuka honey

250ml boiling water 



  1. Add all ingredients to a mug and stir to combine. Enjoy!