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  • Our lids are designed to be childproof so please press down firmly to the bottom and then turn counter-clockwise to open.
  • At Betterbare Co, we care about what goes into your body and that is why we always source the highest quality ingredients.

    We are proudly made in New Zealand and we prioritise locally sourced ingredients with our star ingredients Manuka Honey, Livaux Prebiotic and Kakadu Plum from New Zealand and Australia. Other ingredients are sourced from around the world, from suppliers with pharmaceutical quality manufacturing practices.

  • Our Betterbare range is a completely natural, highly nutritious supplemented food. However, as we have not performed any specific studies to show them to be safe in pregnancy or when breastfeeding, we are not at this stage able to recommend their use during these times.

    We advise that you seek the advice of your health care practitioner before using.

  • We chose to individually wrap each Betterbare gummy because we designed them specifically to be handbag friendly. We were tired of lugging around various bottles of supplements and we wanted something we could pop in our handbag just like your other handbag essentials.

    But rest assured, we love the planet which is why we’ve wrapped them in a specialised plant-derived compostable film (made from cellulose) - That’s right it ISN’T plastic!

  • There are many different ways to compost. If you already have a compost bin or compost pile in your garden (claps for you!), our clear plant-based wrappers can simply be added to the pile with your food scraps. If you don’t ever compost or it seems like something only for the eco-hippies of the world, it’s not, it’s not and here’s why you should consider getting into composting even if you’ve never considered it before:

    • Food scraps and plant materials when dealt with correctly can decompose naturally and return nutrients to the soil. However when mixed with our normal rubbish (think non-recyclables like plastics containers, coffee cups and other materials) it ends up in landfill and can’t decompose properly - only adding our already overflowing amount of waste and producing methane gas which is harmful for the environment.
    • There are many different ways to compost. In the garden if you have one or in your apartment in a specific type of bin made just for composting. In many places there is community composting too! Have a check-in with your local council or farmers market and see what the options are and if there’s any community composting bins in your neighbourhood!
  • Our Betterbare gummies come in a range of textures ranging from your favourite lolly (think of something between a jelly and a gummy snake).

    The texture for each product is different due to the active ingredients, so give all of them a try to see which one is your favourite.

    We believe nature knows best so we’ve used naturally sourced fruit and plants to give our gummies the flavours you recognise - Cherry, vanilla, kiwi, mint and Australian native ingredients like Kakadu plum and lemon balm.

    The best part? Betterbare comes without the cane-sugar, artificial colours and fake flavours… And with the added benefit of specifically chosen vitamins and ingredients that take this from a yummy gummy treat to a healthy routine!

  • Our products are made in Auckland, New Zealand at fully-certified pharmaceutical Medsafe licenced manufacturer. We chose NZ because of their strict food and supplement quality standards, their innovation in ingredient processing and clean green fresh and natural landscape. Nature knows best when it comes to nutrition!
  • Our products are gluten free, nut free, soy free, shellfish free and dairy free. However, they are manufactured at the same facility as milk products, so we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination.
  • BetterBare is not suitable for a vegan diet. Our products contain sustainably sourced gelatin and manuka honey.
  • BetterBare is safe for anyone over the age of 12. This is one treat designed for the big kids not the little ones.
  • Yes. There are no genetically modified ingredients in BetterBare products.
  • BetterBare products are free of cane sugar. We’ve chosen natural New Zealand manuka honey and natural fruit extract to sweeten our gummies.
  • Yes. Our bottles are PET 1, which is fully recyclable!
  • Taken daily, up to 10 of our BetterBare gummies are safe as all the vitamins and minerals will be within the tolerable upper limits for persons over 14 In the short term, there is unlikely to be any toxicity if you take more than the recommended dosage.
  • There are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our products. We believe nature knows best when it comes to supplements and health.
  • You can combine the products if you stay within the recommended dosages on each product.

Billing & payment

  • At BetterBare we use Shopify Payments that supports international credit cards including:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Klarna
    • We also accept PayPal payments.

shipping & returns

  • We work closely with our logistics team to ensure your gummies are dispatched within 5 business days of receiving your oder. How does this work?

    • You place an order and we will send you a confirmation email.
    • Our systems communicate this to our logistics team.
    • They carefully pack your order.
    • Your order is sent, and you will receive this confirmation with a tracking number.

    All orders will be fulfilled by New Zealand Post.

    Please note that this process can take longer during sales periods, product launches and public holidays. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at:


  • BetterBare prides itself on being a global brand, this is why we offer tracked shipping, so you can see where your product is and how close it is to you!

    When your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number straight to your inbox.

    If you are experiencing any problems please email us at: hello@betterbare.co

  • We encourage you to take your time and ensure you place your orders correctly. Once the order has been packed and dispatched, we can no longer cancel it.

    If you have any problems or changes in shipping address please email as soon as possible at hello@betterbare.co.

  • For health and safety reasons we cannot accept change of mind return. If you have any problems with your order please contact us at: hello@betterbare.co
  • Once your order has been dispatched from our warehouse we will send you a tracking number. If you have any problems feel free to email us at: hello@betterbare.co


  • If a product is out of stock the team at BetterBare will update this on the website, and offer you the option to pre-order. If for some reason our inventory has not updated, and you order an ‘out of stock’ item, we will ensure to email you immediately and post the item to you as soon as it’s back in stock.

    If you encounter any problems please email us at hello@betterbare.co

  • Absolutely! We want to ensure the subscription program is as convenient as possible. To make any changes please login to your account, here you can change your payment method, delivery address and product you would like sent to you.
  • You can control what products are delivered, and how often. Simply login to your account, here you can control what your subscription program looks like. If you have any questions contact us at: hello@betterbare.co
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    • There is a limit of one welcome discount code per customer
    • The welcome discount code is not valid with any other offer

COVID-19 Update

  • We apologise in advance that we’re experiencing delivery delays at the moment due to limited flights, social distancing and increased order volumes.

    Australian orders are taking up to five weeks in delivery time. New Zealand orders are delayed up to two weeks. However, please note these are just estimates and are subject to change.

    We are working hard to get all your orders out to you, we appreciate your patience during this time.

    If you would like to find out more information about the delivery delays please visit the New Zealand Post website here.