How To De-Clutter Your Health Routine
Author: Olivia Kaplan | 29/04/2020

How To De-Clutter Your Health Routine

We know what it’s like. 

It’s 2020 and wellness is everything. You can’t even unlock your phone these days without a million new things you need to add to your wellness routine. You need to meditate, take your supplements, exercise (but not too much!), eat gluten-free and plant-based, get infa-red saunas and also cryotherapy… The list goes on. 

But do you really need to do all that s**t?

We want to strip it back. You could say we’re de-cluttering our health routines. Any Marie Kondo fans out there? 

The reality is we all impulsively buy powders, vitamins and random organic face masks that promise to be the next big thing. At the time, all signs point to it being a valuable purchase - you need that mental clarity, hormone balance, crazy energy or whatever claim the packaging is screaming at you... But most of the time we never actually use the product!

We're going to transform your health routine to something that actually lights you up and that actually makes you feel good, instead of making you feel like you’re not doing enough… We’ve all been there!

Vitmains And Supplements

First things first, did you know vitamins expire? It’s unlikely they’ll ever cause you harm but it is possible they may lose potency over time.

The other thing is most people don’t even take the vitamins and supplements they own. They sit in the cupboard for weeks, months and even years. Because let’s be honest, it’s too much effort to take them!

What to do...

Gather all of your supplements in one place. You need to get them from everywhere you keep them… Your bathroom cabinet, bedside table, bedside draw, kitchen pantry, medicine cabinet, handbag and toiletry bag… Why do we keep them in so many different places? Who knows. But that alone should make you want to de-clutter your stash! It’s time to simplify. 

Put them all in one place and go through them one by one. Expired? In the bin. Can’t remember why you bought it? Bye bye. You haven’t taken it in the last 6 months? See ya. 

What you should be left with is just the supplements and vitamins that you actually take, that you take for a specific reason and that actually make a difference in your life. And if you’ve done it correctly it should be about a 90% decrease in your supplement stash. 

Next, move them to a place that makes it convenient to take them, whether that’s next to your bed so you can take them as soon as you wake up or in your handbag so they’re always with you. This will be different depending on your routine but the best option is the one where you actually use them. 

Love de-cluttering? 

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