Immune System 101... Starting With The Basics
Author: Anneke Los | 06/04/2020

Immune System 101... Starting With The Basics

Immunity is the new “Gut Health”, and it’s time we learn the basics before we start throwing a million products at our bodies without actually knowing why, or what the immune system even does. 

Think of this as your glossary for the immune system, and now every time you hear one of these come up in conversation, you’ll know what it is. 

And by all means, you can totally use this to impress your friends or colleagues on your daily zoom call. 

The Immune System 

A network of cells and organs, that identifies anything coming into the body, and decides on how to deal with it. 

Innate Immune System 

The part of the immune system that controls its major function, including activation of the adaptive immune system. 

Adaptive Immune System 

The part of the immune system that stops the growth of specific pathogens. It develops only after you have come into contact with that specific pathogen. 


An organism that causes disease, including bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. 


Proteins that facilitate communication between body cells and systems. 


Something that interacts with the immune system and changes it in some way.


A type of white blood cell, found in the lymph.

T cell 

A type of lymphocyte, derived from bone marrow, which can become a variety of different kinds of cells required within the immune system  

B cell 

A type of lymphocyte that secretes antibodies. 


A protein that is produced in response to an antigen. They are used by the immune system to fight pathogens. 


A structural molecule on the surface of a pathogen cell, that identifies it and that the antibody will bind to. 


The invasion of pathogens that aren’t otherwise present in the human body. 


The biological response, governed by the immune system, that is triggered by a harmful stimulus. 


When the immune system launches a response against something that’s inherent in the human body. 

So there you have it! The glossary to the immune system. We know it’s simple, but keep up to date with our blog as we’re about to go deep on some of these processes and how they affect your health.