The Self Care Types, Which One Are You?
Author: Olivia Kaplan | 27/05/2020

The Self Care Types, Which One Are You?

We believe self care goes far beyond baths and facials. Self care can look different on anyone, and it should look different on everyone as we are all beautifully unique. 

So which one are you? 


Bubble Bath Brittany 

You're a classic kinda gal. A good bubble bath and a glass of bubbly is the perfect way for you to wind down.


Good Drop Gabby

You appreciate the finer things in life and at the end of a long day at work, you feel best popping open a bottle of your favourite red. 


Supplement Sarah 

Self care to you is all about health, making sure your body is topped up with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. 


Junk Food Jenny 

You're a pleasure seeker, and self care to you involves indulgence in your favourite foods. 


Meditating Megan 

You're woke, and a few oms in the morning is how you give back to yourself.


Kitchen Kimmy 

You feel at home in the kitchen, you love reading recipe books and when you're in the kitchen creating delicious food, time just flies by. 

Face Mask Felicity 

You love beauty and the best way you give back to yourself is applying a face mask and a hair treatment. 

Juicy Lucy 

Green juices all day err' day. Self care to you means squeezing as much organic fruit and vegetables into your day to make your cells feel alive.


Bookworm Brooke

You love getting cozy with a good book you can escape into. 


Crafty Cathy

You spend hours on pinterest looking at DIY projects, and you love making things from scratch. Self care to you is taking a moment to dedicate to your hobbies. 


Whatever your self-care style is, be sure to own it!